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    Ideas for your loved one


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    Ideas for your loved one Empty Ideas for your loved one

    Post  MrsGoo on Thu May 06, 2010 1:20 am

    1. Get your incarcerated loved one an e-mail account of their own!
    Tell everyone they know to e-mail their letters, jokes, funny
    stories, etc. to it. Then go in and print them off and send them to
    your loved one via snail-mail.

    2. Order a devotional (like 'The Daily Bread')...one for you and one
    for them....read the same passage each day......discuss the passages
    that you read.

    3. Throw them a birthday party! Buy a birthday cake/ ice cream etc.
    and invite family and friends. Have your loved one call at that
    time. When they call, have everyone sing 'Happy Birthday' to them. Take pictures of their party and send to them!

    4. Take pictures of new things happening around their home town.
    Take pictures of your yard/ flowers, things that you have bought for your house. Send the pictures to them!

    5. Put your perfume/cologne on ALL of their letters. They will feel
    like you are right there with them!

    6. Send your loved one cards on EVERY holiday such as Sweetest Day,
    Earth Day, Ground Hog Day and April Fool's Day. Let them know that
    you are always thinking of them!

    7. Cut out newspaper articles that your loved one would be
    interested in. Find articles from their hometown paper.

    8. For Christmas or on their birthday....order them a subscription
    their hometown newspaper.

    9. Play tie tac toe, chess, checkers or another game through the
    mail.....keep sending it back and forth until someone wins!!

    10. Make a calendar for your loved one. List all pertinent dates on

    11. When sending packages, get 2 copies of a book...one for your
    loved one and one for you. Agree on the number of pages to read and
    later discuss what you read/ thoughts, etc.

    12. Have a writing "marathon". See who can write the longest letter -

    to the other!

    13. Pick a topic (such as a news item, etc.) and a night, and each
    discusses it in their letter for that night.

    14. Find a crossword puzzle, make a copy of it and send one to your
    loved one. See who can fill them up more or get them finished first!

    15. Send pictures to them of places you want to visit, live, etc.
    when they get out.

    16. If they have a TV, pick out a program that you both want to
    and then know that you are watching it together...as a family!

    17. Do you both love to write? Decide to write a book! One of you
    write a chapter send it to the other one and then back and forth
    until it is finished.

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