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    Felony Probabtion Info! FLORIDA


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    Felony Probabtion Info! FLORIDA Empty Felony Probabtion Info! FLORIDA

    Post  MrsGoo on Thu May 06, 2010 10:47 am

    Florida Felony Probation Information

    Felony Probation -- Florida Department of Corrections

    Accredited Facilities - The Department of Corrections has continued its quest for excellence by maintaining the accreditation of its Probation and Parole Field Services, major institutions and work release centers. Today, all Probation and Parole Field Services are fully accredited.

    Community Resource Directory - A resource for offenders under supervision, probation officers, and judges of local and state resources that may be used to assist offenders with employment and educational opportunities, as well as other resources and services that may benefit offenders.

    Definitions for common terms found in adult community supervision information.

    Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to frequently asked questions and common misconceptions about community supervision in Florida. Information includes court ordered payments, citizen complaints, role of a probation officer, victim restitution, grievance process, drug testing, firearms, and more.

    Probation Offices - Complete directory of Department of Correction probation office locations in Florida. See also the printable version of this directory.

    Office of Community Supervision - Contact information and organization structure of the Office of Community Corrections.

    Statistics - Includes monthly and annual publications as well as special reports

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